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  • Greeting from Germany
Greetings from Berlin
« on: December 18, 2013, 07:15:50 am »

many greetings from Germany. I have some questions:

It is possible to write in German for devicoins?

Which website is the best for getting devcoins (via bitcoins)?

It is possible to change verification question for the posting? "Which website exchange handles the most BTC to USD trading" - I use Euro. USD are not importand for me.



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Re: Greetings from Berlin
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2013, 11:47:27 pm »
Hi. No sorry devtome is English only but people can offer to translate where existing foreign language articles can be improved on, or where various sources are brought together as 'collated' and the origins are made clear.

The issue is that Devcoin is about open-source, which means copyright matters a lot on Devtome. An article written in a foreign language, if it's your own, and then translated would be fine in principle. But an english translation of a foreign text written by somebody else would probably breach the original author's copyright. The same problem exists for submitting foreign language writings. There has to be a means of ensuring they're original because Devtome is open-source.

Any future multi-language capacity will require significant numbers of people to administer in order to do so properly and fairly. Today there are people involved in signing up writers, vetting articles for plagiarism and copy, categorising and organising, administering marketing and revenue, hosting and maintaining the site. That's all to build a repository supporting open-source content, and more recently revenue generation, to be able to put back into building devcoin and what it's about.

And that's just in english. It will take time to build that capability and required resources (people, time, expertise) in other languages. So it's one step at a time - hope that makes sense but is you have more questions please ask here or on the devcoin thread.

There was a discussion about it today is the most liquid. There's also (and has devcoin/litecoin)
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Re: Greetings from Berlin
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