Author Topic: Earn Devcoins By Marketing?  (Read 1874 times)

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Earn Devcoins By Marketing?
« on: February 13, 2014, 07:49:55 pm »

I'm trying to understand the data on the Earn Devcoins By Marketing page.

I will line by line copy and paste what I know I'm unclear on.

Under INCOME it states:

Publishers can get earnings for a link to devtome on their web site, for a link in their signature, and for a link in their posts.

1) Can I get coins for each of my websites I link to Devtome on?  Is the link to use?

2) When it says a signature link and posts, is that referring to any online forum?

Under LINK it says:

Publishers get 1/5 of a generation share for a devtome link on a subpage or subdomain, 2/5 for of a share for a link on a domain name, and 3/5 of a share for a devtome leaderboard (728 x 90) banner on a domain name.

Links or ads on up to five domain name homepages will be counted. Only one subdomain link or ad will be counted, and it will not be counted if there is a homepage listed.

1) So, am I correct in understanding that the way to get the maximum payout for linking is to have five top level domains with a Devtome leaderboard banner on each of the home pages?

2) Is there are positioning requirement, like, very top of the page; above the folder; not in the bottom third, etc., etc.

Under POSTS it says:

Publishers get 1/5 of a share if the first five listed posts on the bitcoin forum, with devtome links in them, total more than 100 words, and 2/5 of a share if those posts total more than 1,000 words

1) This is referring to each member, rather than to the one member with the first five posts. Right?

2) Those first five post with devtome links can come at any point in that forum usage? For instance, it doesn't have to be within X number of posts?

3) These five posts need to have links to devtome in the message, and not the signature?  (If so, I presume it's not going to get us throws out for TOS violations, like other forums have.)

Under SIGNATURE it says:

Publishers who put a devtome link in their signature get 1/5 of a share. If the publisher has made more than 1,000 posts, they get 2/5 of a share. An example of a signature with a devtome link follows:

1) Just to be crystal clear... We are talking about forum, again. Right?

2) Just to be crystal clear... These are one-time payouts. Yes?

3) Is it just me, or does that seem like a giant chasm between 1/5 for merely making a signature, and 2/5 for creating 1,000 posts? I might be missing something, (an all too online experience for me.)   ;D

Thanks so much for your help!