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Title: Fortunes in Kakkanad
Post by: djaks on November 17, 2015, 08:08:11 am
Kakkanad is becoming the home of a multitude of residents for its prominent urban developments. The IT hub of Kochi constitutes IT parks including Kochi Infopark and Kochi SmartCity. It is the home for Software Export Promotion Zone or SEPZ. Kakkanad is also the home for Cochin Special Economic Zone or CSEZ. There are several developments leading Kakkanad to become an ideal destination for settling down. Many residents find it interesting to own apartments in kakkanad ( and settle in the deluxe homes. New deluxe apartments are rendering better comforts to the residents settling in the region. Many new construction projects are scheduled in Kakkanad owing to the interests of the new residents relocating to Kakkanad.  There is a constant migration of residents from different places to own new deluxe homes in the region. Kakkanad is known for its large settlements with the introduction of new construction projects accommodating a large fraction of urban residents. New professionals seeking employment in the developed region invest in the urban apartments located in the region. These deluxe urban homes provide the residents better comforts and new amenities for pursuing better career. The developments in the region are a blessing to most urban residents preferring deluxe homes in Kakkanad. Urban residents are considering it fortunate to own apartments in Kakkanad and settle in the developed region. Many families are also enthusiastic to own apartments and settle in Kakkanad. The amusements park Veega land is located close to Kakkanad for entertaining families and children.