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Title: Noob Slogs Through The Quagmire: Fear & Trembling in Non-Techlandia - Wallet
Post by: dglenn on April 03, 2014, 10:38:39 pm
Hi All,

I have applied and been accepted at Devtome as a writer/developer.  I'm a happy camper.

I'm trying to accomplish the simplest of tasks: I have the prehistoric Windows XP and have downloaded the devcoin setup exe Windows32 file/application.  Now the icon resides in my toolbar.

Now.  I have shamefully little technical acumen. 

I have opened the application and created (encrypted) a passphrase (somewhere, after I already did it, I read that this step should have come after some other step I have not yet taken.  So there's that already). 

Now my understanding is to that my task is to "run" the wallet so that it can retrieve or build data related to previous rounds and so on.  I also understand this could take hours or days.

So the question for me is: how do I run the app?

In my toolbar the Devcoin desktop icon when I open it, has three tabs as you know, File Settings and Help.

In Settings are the following:

*Your Receiving Address
*Change Wallet Encryption Passphrase

Is the key to now "running" the wallet in the "Options" tab?  Do I select "Connection through socket4 proxy" under this tab (something tells me, No)?

Though I feel like an idiot, I don't think I am (not completely, anyway); just very few tech skills.  I was an English major!  I can tell you what a retained object is!  Ha ha.

Can someone please extend mercy and, if my guess above is not correct, briefly give me an idiot's step-by-step with as little crypto-lexicon as possible?  I would be eternally grateful.  I've done my due diligence, poring through all kinds of forums for info on how to run the wallet at this stage and can't seem to pinpoint it.

Many, many thanks.