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Devtome / Re: Can anyone understand this relationship?
« Last post by Necroskil on August 03, 2016, 10:36:37 am »
I want to see it because it is very beautiful jewelry.
General Discussion / How Will my Changed Coin Address Become Effective?
« Last post by Samkary on June 10, 2016, 02:12:53 pm »
Hello Community!

Can somebody help me? I just changed my coin address on my Devtome user page; when/ how will it become effective? This is because I installed the Devcoin wallet on a new comp and consequently generated a new address. I understand it doesn't happen automatically because the last time I tried, coins were being sent to the old address, on a comp I won't be using any more. The admin who signed me up was known as DINKLEBERG (and Penguinwriter for my user page) and I don't know if they're still available here on anywhere else. Thanks in advance.
Newbie - Introduce yourself / Re: Greetings!
« Last post by Soxaradi on May 27, 2016, 09:43:09 am »
I wanted to let you read it very well.
General Discussion / EDR Coin
« Last post by EDR Coin on April 24, 2016, 11:03:47 am »
EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency

We are happy to announce the latest cryptocurrency output, changing the world of money for the better days!

EDRcoin - a modern decentralized cryptocurrency, which  concept is based not only on the  mining principle, but also in a sustainable energy efficiency policies generating money.

What do we mean? Already well-known  that most of  existing cryptocurrency operated by the mining industry and seriously influence on the  planet ecology. This fact makes ideology  of such currency does not totally clarified in sphere of  justification its direct purpose - decentralization, because the possession and distribution of resources makes any currency dependent on external factors. EDRcoin - a unique product, its  production process leaves no carbon footprint and uses modern alternative energy as the solar panels energy and environmentally well-built production process . All this takes place in collaboration with independent private farms located in different parts of the world.

EDRcoin - is the currency, aimed not only to enrichment, but also for saving  the Earth resources. It means that part of income system will be used to help recovery worldwide  forests, and  in addition, for  the development of new solar power plants.

How does it work?

System functioning is caused by the use of POS systems and generating Skrypt function as a way of hashing.

EDR coin developers taken into concideration  a lot of flaws of  previously existing digital money,  it means that EDR coin reliably protected from external hacker attacks, hacking or theft, but this hight quality of security is avaiable when the user comply all of conditions of confidentiality.

The accumulation and increase in funds going exclusively digital wallet, accessed only for user.

Terms of Use Digital Currency EDR coin involves regular participant reward  for blockchain processing services from a shared resource cryptocurrency EDR. As with many other coins is limited and it is estimated mining  will be stopped 31 December 2017, so the final number of coins depends on the activity holders cryptocurrency.

Download your cryptowallet here:
Cryptocurrency exchange is over the link, you can buy EDRC there:,,

How to be active and provide high validity EDR?

Making 1 transaction per day provides the user gains in a purse on 0.33% of the total located into the wallet.

EDR Coins do not have material vitality - it is pure mathematics, digital code to its functioning. For popularity and usability  of cryptocurrency developers  fixed  its value to the value of USD, The 1EDRC = $ 1.
For security reasons, your user information, committing the transaction is closed. However, the transaction itself is in the public domain.

An important feature of the new cryptocurrency is an unlimited number of accounts available for creating and further of mining. Due to the independence from the state and commitment to antitrust philosophy  EDRC cryptocurrency mining  is protected from  an artificial increase of cryptocurrency  number . None of the banking system has no control over the process of mining cryptocurrency, does not affect its value and quantity.

Who was at the begining of this idea?

Charles Chen - he is  EDRCoin  developer and co-founder, here is his Linkedin profile: Charles Cheng is well-known as a philanthropist and businessman and second co-founder - Marco Fernandez

Join EDRC community and change the  perceptions of  money.

EDRC - the best from the financial world.
Newbie - Introduce yourself / we can look at the average selling price
« Last post by jma325 on March 19, 2016, 08:26:59 am »
I know they are painful, but just look quick and then I'll let you see what is in them. Firstly, total Neverwinter AD revenues digital retail software from 2008 to 2012.Now, here is the corresponding value for total sales of the video game unit of Neverwinter in retail sales compared to the same period.They Tell a brutal history: a market that has been cut in half since 2008 to 2012. In fact, it is a little rough description. While sales fell by almost exactly 50 percent of all units were a bit more, about 54 percent.To get an understanding of what is happening behind the scenes, we can look at the average selling price for the software in each of those years. This means that every form of share sales in the first graph with the corresponding numbers of units in the second graph.That gives a picture of how this one.And because: all the time that revenues from software sales and total sales decreased unit down there is an increase in average prices every year since 2008. The overall increase during this period is here right at 10 percent.To said it in American terms, the average cheap NW Gold price of software for video game Neverwinter shutting down the computer in the United States about $ $ 40 41 2008.
Bounties / Re: Current devcoin bounties
« Last post by develCuy on March 01, 2016, 08:02:59 pm »
Seed node IP address changed, who's in charge of maintaining seed nodes list?
Devtome / Re: Fixing Devtome
« Last post by weisoq on February 20, 2016, 07:12:06 pm »
Cheers FB. Jasinlee maintains it and should be ok now. He's been helpful with fixes after upgraded and a few things went wrong - basically a to/fro with hosting on adjusting mod_security rules until ok. But obviously feel free to discuss with him if you think extra input might help.

The new recipients aspect has been a human rather than tech issue - hopefully also about resolved.
Devtome / Re: Fixing Devtome
« Last post by FuzzyBear on February 20, 2016, 02:44:02 pm »
I am happy to help out with getting devtome back up and running but will need the server access etc to sort these things, who has control of the devtome server and passwords etc?

Devtome / Fixing Devtome
« Last post by weisoq on January 30, 2016, 12:39:33 am »
Inability to edit/add articles for existing users should be resolved. Final stage is for everyone that's had problems to please check your account works (even if that just involves a quick edit - save - undo -save). If not, perhaps send me a pm rather than build a potentially long exchange here on the thread.

The issue of being able to sign up new recipients is also now being looked into - with a greater focus when the bigger problem can be filed as universally fixed.
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