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Investment opportunities / Re: [ANN] [DVC] ASCMDVCPT Cryptostock Investment
« Last post by FuzzyBear on June 27, 2013, 09:57:07 pm »
Hey wiser,

Many thanks for you post and questions, some I will be able to answer but others I feel are speculation that I can not comment on this thread as it is the official thread for the listing and I could be held accountable for my words that may be more my perception as opposed to hard fact from your questions and I just don't want to run into any trouble down the line.

What I feel I can say at the time of writing this is the following:

ASICMiner as a company is very much past the initial setup phase of a company, they have raised money, done their initial R&D and have produced a product that is generating revenue back for them and the investors.  They were the second company to ever produce a bitcoin mining ASIC and have expanded their line of products to allow individuals to mine using their chips they designed.  To say if they are still starting out or midway is speculation on my part so that is up for you to make a decision on, as a LOT can change very quickly in companies, and bitcoin :) I think we need to appreciate that this technology is cutting edge for the bitcoin network and we are only just at the initial phase of ASIC's.

Yes I read the post about the price of the ASCMDVCPT shares being currently overpriced compared to others..  I think there are many many factors that come into play why they were "overvalued" and perhaps I can explain a few here as there has been massive turmoil on the dvc value over the last few months in particular... since the initial listing the value has more than dropped to a 1/3rd of its value.  That means that the initial shares listed were listed 3 times lower than they would be if they were listed now.  Secondly the value of the ASICMiner shares have basically doubled... hence the value of the initial listing would be doubled again to meet the current value of the ASICMiner shares.  So basically what I am saying is that in the 2 months of listing the shares, the value of the shares has more than increased by 6 times the original value... so those who bought the original priced shares have seen a massive increase in the value of the share solely due to two factors outside of the listing (value of dvc and ASICMiner share) add to that that cryptostocks is the only investment site you can spend dvc on and there are not many dvc listings hence the markets controls the price... some might say that it is too expensive, but others will say that it is a constantly changing market and others would say that it is better to buy now than see the price continue to rise further and regret not investing sooner!! But I am diverging here and speculating a lot, merely to show how some of the factors affect the market.

Hope this answers some of your questions, I want to help explain as investing in stocks and shares etc can seem baffling and you are never sure what to look for and how to know what is good to invest in etc, so I hope I have made some things clearfor you.  I believe in the company ASICMiner and am in this for a LONG term investment, but everyone should manage their investment appropriately.

Investment opportunities / Re: [ANN] [DVC] ASCMDVCPT Cryptostock Investment
« Last post by wiser on June 27, 2013, 12:56:14 am »
So I've read all the way to page 20 on the ASIC Miner thread you pointed me to.  It's quite a story so far.  Good thing as I've been needing some exciting reading material :-)

A couple questions which may or may not get answered further down on that thread, but feel free to weigh in on in you wish:

1.  People who bought shares back when they were selling at 0.1 BTC and while BTC was less than thirty dollars (not sure how high it was back in the day but I just got past the part where it crashed to something like $10 per BTC) are sure sitting pretty now if they kept their shares, as they are now valued at 3.41 BTC with BTC being close to $100.  I'm wondering about the continued potential for growth in value of the shares now.  Where would you say the company is at now?  Still starting out?  Midway?  I guess another way to put it is to what extent have ASIC chips already been sold to their customers?  Have they sold to most of the ones who will buy, or are they just beginning to get into the market with lots of yet unrealized potential for new customers?  I know it's only been a few months, but anyway, I'm just learning about it.  What price might the share be say in a year, five years, ten years?  I'd be buying shares for the dividends at this point (I prefer to buy and hold rather than do frequent trades).  Still, it would seem to me that the potential for the share itself to grow would equate to increased dividends per share as well.  Mainly I want to rule out that coming in now, I'd be buying at a high point where it stays the same or drops as opposed to buying on the upside.  Your thoughts?

2.  Specifically on the DVC PT share, someone on another thread pointed out that it's overvalued compared to what the share is worth in BTC.  I did the math and he's right.  The share is currently trading at 8,000 to 9,000 DVC but at the current Vircurex exchange rate, shares should be right around 4,000 DVC each.  I'm guessing the overvaluing is a combination of Cryptostocks being a fairly small platform and people buying the shares without necessarily knowing all the fundamentals as well as having lots of DVC to spend.  But I wouldn't want to buy them for any higher than the true market price because then I'd lose out when it corrected.  Any possibility of issuing more shares to maybe bring the price down a bit?  Any other way to "encourage" a correction sooner rather than later?

So far, it's looking good, so I'm hoping this will be a good investment for me.
Investment opportunities / Re: [ANN] [DVC] ASCMDVCPT Cryptostock Investment
« Last post by FuzzyBear on June 24, 2013, 12:32:07 pm »
Sixth Dividend Payout

The Sixth dividends have been paid out to the investors of Asic Miner DVC Passthrough (ASCMDVCPT) each share paid 20.23662303 DVC.
Investment opportunities / Re: [ANN] [DVC] ASCMDVCPT Cryptostock Investment
« Last post by FuzzyBear on June 23, 2013, 08:16:45 pm »
Site was down, will sort out tonight
Investment opportunities / Re: [ANN] [DVC] ASCMDVCPT Cryptostock Investment
« Last post by wiser on June 23, 2013, 02:39:13 pm »
What happened to the June 20 dividend?
Skandinavisk / Välkommen till den Skandinaviska delen av!
« Last post by svempa on June 23, 2013, 02:34:57 pm »
Välkommen alla nya skandinaviska medlemmar!

Forumet är än så länge i ett tidigt stadium men jag hoppas att det kommer att utvecklas på ett bra sätt!

Presentera er gärna så vi vet vilka andra skandinaviska medlemmar som finns på forumet. :)

Är det någonting som ni undrar eller vill ha hjälp med så är det bara att skicka ett PM till mig så ska vi förhoppningsvis lösa det.

OBS! Jag söker även Norska och Danska moderatorer, är du intresserad så dra iväg ett PM. :)
I'm also looking for some Norwegian and Danish moderators, if you are interested, send me a PM. :) OBS!

got a nice little community growing here :)

Just wanted to say welcome all and many thanks to svempa who will moderate the Scandinavian board, if anyone else would like to be an admin please PM me in here.

Many thanks

General Discussion / Re: Need DVC Faucets
« Last post by wiser on June 23, 2013, 04:10:43 am »
That would be awesome, actually, :). I'll preview your site if you send me a pm when you're ready and help critique it as well.

And thanks!

Cool!  Would love your feedback, but I have to warn you, it will be a bit of a slow process.  I'll PM you with more details.

I'm all new to this with crypto-currency but i am a quick learner so hopefully I will get to know the Devcoin well :)

If anyone else is new to the Devcoin and cryptocurrency, like I am, feel free to write and we can help each other get better at this ;D

That's all i have to say for now, I really look forward to this, and I must say that this forum is very good.
Investment opportunities / Re: [ANN] [DVC] ASCMDVCPT Cryptostock Investment
« Last post by wiser on June 21, 2013, 10:37:54 pm »
I am in research mode now.  Fascinating.  Anyway, I thought I would post questions as they come up, which may lead to some double posting (apologies in advance).

I now understand thanks to furuknap's blog what pass through means, as well as that most of the asicminer shares people can buy are PT.  So I wanted to know if you hold 5 actual shares which you are PT'ing to people buying ascmdvcpt shares or if your shares are also pass through.  If u do hold actual asicminer (not PT) shares, do u have/can u get more in case asicmdvcpt gets really popular for buy and hold types?

I have also figured out that I can purchase asicminer pt shares and hundreths of shares on, and I may do both that and asicmdvcpt shares--I really like the idea of not having to first trade out my devcoins, though.

Thanks again for the education and for pointing me in the direction of the right resources to finally start feeling like I can understand in a nontechnical way what is going on with btc mining.  I have dabbled into mining just using one of my home computers and a general mining pool, have not bought any specialized equipment, and yes I have noticed that even from march when I first got into btc and now the difficulty has increaed astronomically.  I chalked it up to just more people getting into it diluting the reward, but now I see it may well be because of ASIC, that turmoil you mentioned. I think at this point I would prefer to benefit from mining without having to actually do it--hence the attractiveness of these asicminer shares.

I will go back to reading... thanks for being willing to answer my questions, and please keep in touch.  I am sure I will have plenty more.

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