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Buy computer parts with devcoins
« on: June 06, 2013, 09:26:07 pm »
FuzzyBear  Devcoin - 2 - Computers

Hello all,

Its been nearly a year since I found out about bitcoin and what a year it has been! I have been slowly gathering more and more computer part realising that everyone is going to need some replacement parts with all this 24/7 mining people seem to have jumped on.   There are a LOT of new addition coins out there in the crypto-currency world, and personally I would like to promote devcoins myself after having being welcomed into the community with such open arms and seeing how it is promoting so many good aspects of life like open source programming, paying artists and writers for their work, funding research and development projects.

I'd like to get involved more...So I am proud to announce the launch of my first sale of computer accessories for devcoin.

Not sure where to get devcoins from ? run over to and buy some from the exchange, or you can mine them, or you can earn them... see link at bottom

Current exchange rate =
1DVC =
1DVC =
1BTC =
1BTC =

All prices include shipping as well :) as I want this to work and hopefully people anywhere in the world can get involved.

Items for sale

Ethernet cables

10m Ethernet cables - 50,000DVC at current exchange rate =
5m Ethernet cables - 40,000DVC at current exchange rate =
2m Ethernet cables - 25,000DVC at current exchange rate =
1m Ethernet cables - 15,000DVC at current exchange rate =

All ethernet cables have protective coverings of the clip that usually breaks off like shown below

Lots of other cable lengths and some without the protective covers I'll be updating here with more stock items

Hard Drives
40GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 ST340014A  3.5" IDE  Hard Disk Drive  - 100,000DVC at current exchange rate =
40GB Western Digital Caviar WD400BD - 120,000DVC at current exchange rate =
Again many more HardDrives to come...


Various RAM
128MB  - 5,000DVC at current exchange rate =
256MB - ramaxel 256mb pc2-4200u-444 - 10,000DVC at current exchange rate =
512MB -  - 25,000DVC at current exchange rate =
Again more RAM to come so watch this thread!!

Radeon 6350 - 210,000DVC at current exchange rate =

Coming soon
Epson and canon makes...

soon to be for sale:

Molex Adapters
PSUs (high end)
Open air frames
Case fans
Multi USB ports
Specialty keyboards such as roll up ones
USB Flash Drives
SSD Drives
Cases for laptops/tablets
Wireless Devices
Rasberry Pi
3D Printers and supplies

Feel free to PM me for offers or post on here.

Don't forget if you want to earn devcoins you can do this by writing articles on devtome here

Prices are no longer accurate ... please wait until I have updated the prices and removed this message
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